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Investment Solutions

Next to our range of existing funds we help develop tailormade solutions. Our experience in customising investments with the help of an extensive network of investment banks, asset managers and fund platforms allow our relationships access to a vast range of investment ideas. These including seperately managed accounts, structured products, alternative investments, SPVs, AMCs and  funds. 

We will find the right solution for your investment strategy.

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past solutions

The list below shows some of the solutions, investment products and introductions we arranged in our network.

Structured Product

Capital Protected Notes

An independent wealth manager wanted to limit equity downside risk in his discretionary portfolios.

We arranged three 2 year, 95% Capital protection capped at 

+/-122% on the STOXX 600 Europe, S&P500 and Nasdaq 100.

The notes were issued by S&P  A+ rated, global systemically important banks.

July 2024

Structured Product

Capital Protected Notes on BTC & ETH

A fund manager managing a portfolio of defensive structured products was looking to diversify his portfolio with non-traditional assets.

We arranged exposure to the potential upside of Bitcoin and Ethereum with a maximum -10% potential loss.

Traditional banks do not venture in DeFi so we found an investment grade rated financial institiution that operates at the forefront of financial engineering. They issued two 90% capital protected notes in USD with a maturity of 18 months and maximum  return of ~25%.


May 2024


SME Lending

We arranged the introduction of one of the top national financial advisors to small and medium sized enterprises to a private debt asset manager dedicated to SME lending. This helps the SMEs easier access to financing and allows investors access to a broader range of SME loans furthering both companies' missions to positively impact the national SME sector.

July 2024

Structured Product

Capital Protected Note on Arcus Japan

After discussing the Arcus Japan Fund with a Dutch asset manager for some time, the investment team was convinced of the long-term opportunity in Japanese equities but unsure about potential market volatility in the short term.

To alleviate concerns around timing we arranged a five-year note providing at maturity a maximum potential loss of -10% and 135% participation on the fund's positive performance over the 3-month euro interest rate (Excess Return).

April 2024

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